At MDI Industrial Sales Inc., we offer many additional shop services for your instrument needs:


Often, cost savings justify repairing rather than replacing. Therefore, we offer a full repair service for Gaugetech gauges. MDI Gaugetech can repair all makes. All repairs are required to be prepaid to our Edmonton location.

Calibration Certificates

We will certify the accuracy of a pressure gauge, thermometer or pressure switch with a National Standards Council test certificate. Certificates are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Silicone Oil Filling

Silicone can be applied to the case of pressure gauges and thermometers.

Maximum Registering Pointers

A secondary pointer can be added for high readings on pressure gauges. The red secondary pointer is carried by the indicating pointer to the maximum pressure reading. Resetting is done easily by means of an external knob.


Stainless steel tags are available for marking an instrument for field location or use.

Chemical/Diaphragm Seal Mounting

We can mount and fill your purchased chemical seals with oil, silicone or flourlube. Chemical/Diaphragm seal Repairs and calibration also offered.

Special Dials & Artwork

Dials are available in many scales. Psi, kPa, kg/cm2, cm of H2O, feet of water, inches of Hg, inches of H2O, ounces per square inch, mm of Hg, bar, mBar, MPa, plus many others. Ask our staff about custom dial artwork. We can have custom dials prepared for your gauges and thermometers.

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