P/T Plugs and Accessories

Pressure and temperature test plugs are a necessity to today’s complex HVAC systems, providing access to process fluids and gases without disruption of the system.

  • Measuring Pressure/Temperature/Flow Rate
  • Sampling: Retrieve samples without disrupting System
  • Bleeding: Bleed air from A/C Lines to increase efficiency
  • Use of a single set of gauges to test or sample all points
  • Plugs are available with Brass or 304SS body materials with plug core materials of Neoprene® or Nordel® to suit the needs of the application
  • 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" NPT Male threads are available on all models
  • Caps are standard on all P/T Plugs

Gauge probes are used in conjunction with standard 1/4" NPT pressure gauges for testing pressures within the system utilizing the pressure/temperature plug. A standard pocket test thermometer may be used for temperature readings. Plug extensions and cap chains may be ordered as required. Please consult our sales desk for further information on P/T Plugs.

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