Temperature Instruments

Rear Connection Bi-Metal Thermometers

Gaugetech® Bi-metal Thermometers are manufactured according to ASME B.40.3 under strict compliance with ISO 9000. The high polished 304 stainless steel case is corrosion resistant. Bi-metal coils are stress relieved and heat treated for maximum accuracy and fast response. Dial faces are concave assuring close proximity of the pointer to the figure intervals. 

Silicone oil filling is highly recommended on applications where excess vibration may be present.

These instruments are used in pulp and paper, oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial and food processing industries.

For applications where the process media may be corrosive or contained under pressure, the use of a Thermowell is required to prevent damage to the thermometer and facilitate its removal from the process. Thermowells are available in various lengths, connections, sizes and materials. Please consult the Thermowell section of this catalog.


Case and ring: 304 SS, high polish, hermetically sealed to prevent fogging and exclusion of moisture, ensuring long life of internal components.
Gasket: Natural white rubber compatible with silicone filling.
Stem: 304 SS, high polish, welded at tip and case, 1/4” (63mm) diameter for lengths to 24”. Other dimensions and stem lengths available.
Coil: Bi-metallic, dampened with 100,000 c.s. silicone grease on ranges to 500ËšF. Heat treated and stress relieved to maintain a constant expansion ratio and specified accuracy.
Connection: 304SS, adjustable angle, 1/2” NPT
Window: Food grade shatter proof glass, 0.16”(4mm) thick
Pointer: Balanced, black aluminum. Pointer flutter eliminated by application of 100,000 c.s. silicone grease to bimetal coil on ranges up to and including 500ËšF.
Dial: Aluminum, baked enamel finish, white background with black markings. Concave design with celsius on lower plane and fahrenheit on the upper. This allows close proximity of pointer to divisions on scale for accurate readings.
Recalibration: Hex head adjustment screw with screw driver slot allows the operator to re-zero the pointer for maximum accuracy in selected area of the 270Ëš degree dial. Thermometer must be inserted at least 2.5” (63.5mm) into agitated bath with a certified thermometer as a test comparison.
Over range: Bi-metal maybe be over or under ranged temporarily to 50% of full scale value.
Silicone filling: May be filled with silicone for severe vibration applications.
Accuracy: ±1.0% Full Scale ASME B40.3 Grade A
Options: Other threaded connections, stem diameters and lengths, silicone filling and special dials.
Shipping weight: GT-32: 0.7 lbs (0.3kg), GT-52: 1.2 lbs (0.54kg)

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