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Differential Pressure Indicators

Piston Style

These piston instruments can indicate small values of differential pressure even when used at high line pressures. They provide instantaneous and continuous information regarding system conditions helping in eliminating premature servicing of equipment, avoid unscheduled down time of costly processes and detect abnormal system conditions.


Ranges: 0-8, 0-20, 0-30, 0-50, 0-100 psiD/kPa, from stock. Others available (on request).
Max Temperature: 175° F / 80°C 
Max Pressure: 3000 psi Aluminum, 6000 psi 316SS 
Standard Range (Full Scale): 0-5 psiD to 0-150 psiD 
Wetted Materials: Aluminum or stainless steel 
Seals: Buna-N or Viton® 
Migration of Media: Minor 
Accuracy: FSD Ascending ±2% 
Dial Sizes: 3.5" Others available (on request).
Case Types: Stainless steel, weatherproof or stainless steel flanged, weatherproof 
Connections: 1/4 FNPT (standard), others available (on request) 
Line Connection Locations: In-line (standard), back or bottom (on request)

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