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Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges

Brass and Stainless Steel Versions

Designed for use with air, gas, oil, water or any situation where pressure of less than 10 psi is to be measured.


Ranges: Scales available in in/H20, ounce/in2
Dial Size: 2.5" 
Accuracy: ±2-1-2% - ANSI Grade A 
Case: Black painted steel (dry only) or stainless steel (dry only)
Socket: Brass and/or stainless steel 
Capsule: Brass and/or stainless steel diaphragm 
Movement: Brass or stainless steel 
Lens: Acrylic 
Pointer: Aluminum
Dial: Aluminum 
Connection: 1/4" NPT lower or center back 
Restrictor: Standard 
Adjust: Lower mount only

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