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GTG2518 Series (2.5”/63mm)
GTG40 Series (4”/100mm)

AMMONIA Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
1⁄4”NPT Bottom Mount

Designed for refrigeration ammonia, Gaugetech® ammonia pressure gauges feature 316 stainless steel wetted parts and a 304 stainless steel case. These gauges are factory liquid filled for vibration service and are available in 2 1/2" and 4" sizes in various mounting configurations. See product sheet for complete details.


Accuracy: (100mm) ±1.0% of full scale ASME B40.1 Grade 1A
Accuracy: (63mm) ASME B40.1, Grade B, ±3-2-3%
Case: AISI 304 SS
Ring: AISI 304 SS
Bourdon Tube: AISI 316L SS
Socket: AISI 316L SS (directly welded to case)
Movement: AISI 304 SS
Window: Plexiglas
Fill: Glycerine/H20 -40ËšC (standard)
Connection: 1/4” NPT (standard)

AB CRN# (2.5"): OF17866.2
BC CRN# (2.5"): OF17866.21
SK CRN# (2.5"): OF17866.23

AB CRN# (4"): OF08136.2
BC CRN# (4"): OF08136.21
SK CRN# (4"): OF08136.23

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